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<set title="htp: an HTML pre-processor">
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Htp was intended as a HTML pre-processor. It is able to preprocess
HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS files (htp could process any text based
files). Its purpose is to assist you to maintain a
consistent "look" over an entire set of web pages. This is done by
allowing you to define your own tags as abbreviations for sets of
standard HTML tags.
<P>This site provides an on-line version of the reference manual, together
with the option to download the program. In addition it includes the
htp SourceForge project link and  information about the original
author and previous maintainers.

<h2>How to get htp release <use _htp_version></h2>

Now htp is a <a href="${project}">SourceForge
project</a>. The release comes with first new features and
improvements since September 1996 (see the <a
history</a> for more information).  You can
download it from the <a href="${project}dl">sourceforge file

The <a href="ref/">htp reference manual</a> is available online. The
entire htp source used to produce the reference manual is also present
in the source distribution and provides a good series of examples.
You can also download a the prebuild manual from the <a
sourceforge file server</a>.

<h2>Previous htp release 1.12</h2>

We currently can not provide versions for all the operating systems
that were supported in earlier versions. So you should have a look
at the <a href="${rk_htp}">previous htp homepage</a> maintained by Robert
King. We tried to contact Robert King but did not succeed.

<h2>Authors and Maintainers</h2>

<P><A NAME="previous">htp was originally written by Jim Nelson</A>. It
was extended and is currently maintained by <use jh>.


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Authors: Jim Nelson, Jochen Hoenicke, Michael Möller.
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