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<BLOCK syntax>
<BLOCK NAME="blockname" [GLOBAL] [EXPAND]>
text block

<BLOCK synopsis>

<STRONG>BLOCK and /BLOCK</STRONG> are used to create block macros, which
are similar in use to <A HREF="set.html">SET</A> macros, but can be
multi-line definitions.

Any text and formatting may be set inside the block.  You can use any
htp or user defined metatag including <A HREF="file.html">FILE
INCLUDE</A>.  The metatags won't be expanded before the block is USEd
except if you give the <A HREF="expand.html">EXPAND</A>

The block macro is dereferenced (expanded) with the <A
USE tag or the '$' operator</A>.  See the notes on the
<A HREF="use.html">USE</A> tag on how to pass parameters to a block


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