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<li>Add more powerful conditions for if and while macro. The main
problem is the syntax.  I think of something like<br>
<code>&lt;if test="${i} lt 5 or ${i} lt ${max}"&gt;</code>.

<li>Add regular expressions, to make htp more powerful.</li>

<li>An &lt;OUTPUT EXECUTE="..." REDIRECT&gt; tag would be nice that
filters a block through an external program and inserts the result.
This would be useful in the online documentation to produce the pretty
HTML code.  The problem is that it needs to handle concurrency
correctly: for large blocks it is not good to just write the input and
afterwards read the output as this may deadlock (htp and the other
process are both waiting for their output to be consumed).

<li>Add a section to this manual containing useful code snippets.</li>

<li>The ability to define macros on the command-line or in response files.

<li>It would be nice to have a fully functional dependency mechanism.
When the html file is produced, htp could also output the names of all
read files to an extra file.  On the next run this file could be read
to quickly determine the dependencies.  

<p>One could also handle file execute tags by allowing the user to give
the dependencies in an attribute.</p>



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