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  • Version 1.18 (16 Apr 2014)
    • Interpret command line arguments starting with ‘/’ as absolute paths. Options now always have to start with the ‘-’ character.
  • Version 1.17 (23 Feb 2011)
    • Fixed JPEG analysis to skip EXIF headers correctly.
    • Fixed wildcard macro ($*) matching attributes without values
    • Support for 64 bit linux.
  • Version 1.16 (30 Aug 2007)
    • <use name> works again
    • New snprintf file, so file size works under windows again
    • Fixed a bug that broke the EXPAND option for block metatags.
    • Fixed segfault in <WHILE macro="xyz"> for undefined macro.
    • Fixed segfault when processing empty lines in response files.
    • Fixed build process for BSD like systems
  • Version 1.15 (25 Sep 2003)
    • ELSEIF tag added to IF conditional processing.
    • New IMAGEURL tag to map URLs to paths within the local file system (used for image size detection).
    • Eat newlines after IF, ELSE, ELSEIF and /IF tags.
    • New option XML
    • New variable _htp_version
  • Version 1.14 (23 Oct 2002)
    • New Tutorial section in the reference manual.
    • New "*" parameter to support tags with variable arguments
    • Fixed parsing of html comments and embedded PHP code.
    • The ‘$’-operator now works in comments and PHP code.
    • When ‘$’ is used without curly braces, the scope is now more intuitive.
    • Removed crash when htp is invoked with an illegal option.
    • Made error messages more understandable.
    • Fixed parsing of jpeg files to support extended formats.
    • Preserve white-spaces in HTML-tags as much as possible.
    • Don't allow white-spaces between attribute name and value any more.
  • Version 1.13 (26 May 2002)
  • Version 1.12 (13 Jul 2001)
  • Version 1.11 (27 Oct 2000)
    • New location for on-line documentation,
    • First release by new maintainer, Robert King.
    • No change to behaviour of program from 1.10 at all.
  • Version 1.10 (23 Sep 1996)
    • Fixed a bug in the memory suballocator. Some CPUs will fault on non-DWORD aligned accesses, which suballoc does continuously. Essentially, htp will coredump almost immediately. Fixed.
    • Allan Todds pointed out a rather severe limitation regarding how htp handles HTML comments. If the comments are too long, htp would puke. This is a particular problem because JavaScript and VBScript are embedded inside a single comment. This has been fixed.
    • The memory suballocator has a new feature to release memory back to the system heap if it grows past a preset bound.
    • Richard Crane pointed out a real bugger: response files would not work with tabs or multiple spaces between file names. Fixed on both counts.
    • From Mark Roedel's suggestion, I've added comments to response files.
    • Metatags added!
  • Version 1.00 (11 Aug 1996)
    • Broke down and gave in ... time for a real release.
    • Added parameter support for FILE INCLUDE and BLOCK macros expanded with the USE tag.
    • $ macro expansion can now occur anywhere in a markup: the tag name, an attribute name, or an attribute value.
    • New memory allocator (suballoc.c) added, and several memory leaks found and squashed. Increased performance as well.
    • Finally! Added support for default ALT text for image files.
  • Version 0.16 (3 Apr 1996)
    • Support for project default files added.
    • New CONDENSE option added.
    • FILE TIME and DATE now report the source file's time and date, and not the current.
    • Options can now be placed in response files.
    • Options are processed in a single module rather than haphazardly throughout the code.
    • Support for using different delimiters around htp markups added. htp markups can now be surrounded by curly braces or square brackets. See Creating htp files for more information.
    • File templates now formally supported.
  • Version 0.15 (18 Jan 1996)
    • Macro store revised with hash table for faster lookups.
    • JPEG support finally added.
    • htp will now delete incomplete output files unless the PRECIOUS option is used.
    • Automatically places quotation marks around a macro expanded inside a markup provided it is not surrounded by other text. See USE for more detailed information.
    • Previously, the macro parser did not escape dual '$' characters. Fixed.
    • Added support for a defaults file. See Default files for more information.
    • Added support for an include file search path. See FILE for more information.
    • FILE TIME and FILE DATE now accept values, which are interpreted as formatting characters to display the time or the date. See FILE for more information and warnings.
    • FILE EXECUTE implemented.
  • Version 0.14 (10 Dec 1995)
    • Ported old linear-style readme.txt file to friendly, clean HTML on-line reference you are now using. 8-)
    • Block macros can now be embedded inside another block macro.
    • Hell's bells ... was not checking that macro existed before dereferencing.
    • Added dependency checking. htp will now only build the output file if any of the input files have changed (according to file timestamps). Can be disabled with the NODEPEND option.
    • Added some additional code to prevent numerous (but harmless) compiler warnings.
    • Added FILE SIZE, FILE DATE, and FILE TIME that works in conjunction with a NAME attribute to report respective information for an external file.
    • Switched to large model for DOS version, to avoid memory constraints of small model.
  • Version 0.13 (2 Nov 1995)
    • Added the UNSET tag.
    • Fixed bug related to re-defining macros and defining null-length macros.
    • Can now declare multiple SET macros in the same tag.
    • Various code issues brought to my attention by Joseph Dandrea of AT&T Bell Laboratories ( Joseph provided many helpful insights and pointed out many potential problems in a massive (and desparately needed) code review. htp is a much stronger program thanks to his excellent support.
    • In both response files and FILE INCLUDE's, the directory delimiter (forward slash in UNIX, backwards slash in MS-DOS) is parsed to match the native filesystem ... in other words, no need to change sources when moving from UNIX to DOS or vice-versa. Suggested by Chris Jobling (
    • IFNOT tag removed, replaced with IF NOT, which is more compliant with HTML.
    • Braces around macros implemented.
    • htp was leaving linefeeds for lines that contained stripped-out tags. The resulting HTML was somewhat sloppy. Fixed.
    • Error and warning reporting made more consistent
  • Version 0.12 (3 Oct 1995)
    • Ported source code to Linux. Code should also be portable to other UNIX-type operating systems as well.
  • Version 0.11 (6 Sep 1995)
  • Version 0.10 (26 Aug 1995)
    • Initial release. Many features unimplemented.

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